Monday, November 23, 2009

American Music Awards Pt.1

Hey Everyone!
So as a music nut, I often feel compelled to sit through three hour award shows that I cant stand. From the over the top performances to the favoritism in award presentations, its all just a snooze fest for me. And yet, I continue to subject myself to it... why? Maybe its just so I can say I saw it, so I can keep up with discussions about what was shocking, what went wrong, what celeb got caught lip-synching. Who knows? So naturally, last night I parked myself in front of the living room TV (as a party raved on around me none the less) to watch the 2009 AMAs. Here are my thoughts on the night. The first part will be awards, part 2 will be up shortly to discuss performances!

POP/ROCK: OK... I know everyone is sad about MJ, I get it, really I do. He was an important figure in music for sure and the loss is difficult for the fans... but why did he win every award? Lets be honest, This Is It was not the best song of the year... I'm sorry. Its just honesty here, can you say that This Is It is anywhere near comparable to Man In The Mirror, Bad, or Thriller? NO! It just bothers me that artists who pass seem to be given awards whether or not they fit. Favorite pop album of the year... really? Lets again, be honest... one of the only reasons that won? He died so everyone was reminded of how much they loved MJ before all the bad press came out so they went out and bought the album and requested the song.

COUNTRY: I don't listen to much country to be honest. I just cant say I feel the emotion when I hear a guy singing about his love of the farm life since I've been a city girl as long as I've been alive. Yes, I know that is a gross generalization, but I'm just saying that country music has never really been my thing. That point aside, I think the awards were just. I have nothing further to say... Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts... I am familiar with your work and know you're popular artists so well done, congrats.

SOUL/R&B: Ok, so I just have one question... what happened to real soul/r&b music? What about the classics like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Tony Braxton? I get that they aren't really modern artists, and therefore its right that they aren't nominated for awards... HOWEVER, I just cant shake the feeling that this category has gone downhill and we're now just adopting pop artists under this header. What do you think?

RAP/HIP HOP: Have to say, I would have liked to see Eminem walk away with something to show for it, but I cant say that Jay-Z did not deserve the sweep. He had a good year, and he's a very talented artists so kudos to Jay-Z.

ADULT CONTEMPORARY: I know T.Swift has has some serious airwave domination, but I never thought I'd see the day where a country/pop princess takes this category at the age of 19... aka about half the age of the "adult contemp" audience. But again, it is kind of cool that she is able to transcend that barrier and be loved by all different ages. Parents are probably happy to take kids to these shows... I know my mom hated accompanying me to hardcore shows when I was younger haha.

ALTERNATIVE ROCK: I'm a little bias here, I'm sure you all know that by now. I love Green Day, so clearly I'm thrilled they won. But can I just say that I think its kind of sad that there is only ONE rock category and it only had three nominees? I mean, is it just me, or is this a rather popular genre? People listen to rock and there are a lot of different kinds... metal, punk, alternative... why not have more than one encompassing category and celebrate some of the different styles? I'm just saying... oh, and I dont really consider the pop/rock category as a good substitute, especially when there are only 3 nominees because that really does not leave much room for artists haha

SOUNDTRACK: Ok, as much as I am not a big fan of the Twilight phenomenon, I have to admit the album track list is pretty rocking. A good mix of indie and alt rock that you just cant help but enjoy. There's something for everyone. Not a bad choice, even though I just cant stand the movie or the books... have to say, the music choice has my approval! Even the Rob Pattinson song isn't awful, though I cant really understand many of the words :P Oh, and in all honesty? WAY BETTER than Hannah Montana, because the movie soundtrack and her 3D concert soundtrack were the other two nominees!

So that about sums up my personal opinions on the awards category! Stay tuned for part II which will feature my thoughts on performances of last night!

What did you think of the awards distribution? What changes would you make if any? Feel free to share! I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: Young Cardinals by Alexisonfire... just because I like the band and the song. No other reason today!


  1. i actually didn't watch the show, but i youtubed a few of the performances. not sure if you're going to write about this later (seeing as the post was ama pt one) but what about that adam lambert? personally, i was so ashamed of his performance. i am a huge fan of adam's, have been from the start of his career on idol, but i believe he brought his career down to a trashy level that it didn't need to be at.

    he talks about a double-standard in culture & 'artistic integrity', which is fine. i see where he is coming from. he's right, female performers have been pushing the envelope for a long time & it's only fair that men should be able to do the same & be just as accepted. the thing is, it's trashy. i hate it when female performers do it, i hated it when he did it.

    i don't know, just my opinion i guess = )

  2. Thanks for your comment, Dinosrawr. My part 2 post is about the performances, still working on it... cant believe how many performers they had that night!

    As for Lambert, yeah I definitely have to agree. I understand the existing double standards, but at the same time Madonna has been criticized for her explicit sexuality and she's a heterosexual white female. No matter who pulls stunts like this, they are going to deal with backlash. And honestly, he went too far. Its sad because it became more about advocating his rights than his music. Not cool.

    Stay posted for my ama pt.2 blog... as soon as I finish my school work for the day haha. Thanks again for sharing your opinion!