Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bamboozle Festival Announce Fist Round Of Bands In Cryptic Message

Hey Everyone!
So earlier this week, Bamboozle began to announce their lineup for the 2010 show. But there's  a catch... its not that easy. Bamboozle has always been notorious for keeping fans guessing so of course with just under six months left before the festival kicks off, they aren't just going to hand us the band list on a silver platter. No, they're going to make you work for it. Here is a copy of their post... these 33 hints SOMEHOW relate back to the first 33 bands confirmed to play. See if you can figure out any of the names...

1. Queen, the, without 
2. i, s, s, l, a 
3. build a bear, legos, k'nex 
4. line, tramp, o
5. 6, 7, 8, 6
6. build, next, chickadee
7. k-town, king 
8., tail, r, 
9. Hanson (possibly covered at hwink) - 
10. s, k, n, d, s, e, f
11. 31760: i
12. to, me, the, this, is, lifestyle
14., - 
15. monaco, of 
16., k, w, d, o, o, t - 
17. 2, 8, r, 5,
18. Canada, Blame
19. o, 6, u
20. the, hath, rabbit, escaped 
21. gw, herbert's, george, not 
22. Deadly, =, silence 
23. W band, 2, e, t, s, 0, 0, n, r, i
24. 6, 0.21, 0.14
25. to
26. n
27. c, w, r, t, a, i, t, h, p, r, o
28. o, l, t, e, p, a, m
29. c, p, s, i, r, r, p. t, o, n
30. money, in, my, pocket 
31. grow, grow, out 
32. t, g, e, t's, t
33. ray, rachael 

If you figure any of them out, post it in the comments! I've figured out a few based on fanboard discussions and digging up confirmations but for the most part they are nearly impossible. As a student with a life and a job, I cant say I really have time to do serious investigative work on these nonsense clues haha.

Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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