Friday, November 20, 2009

Butch Walker Covers... Taylor Swift?

Hey Everyone!
Yup, its true. Producer/Songwriter/Artist Extrordinaire Butch Walker has posted a rather creative and interesting video to his blog. The purpose? A cover of pop/country sensation Taylor Swift's song You Belong With Me. His video follows his recording journey after he returns to the studio from dinner. He records each instrument and the vocals, compiling it all into this male take on the song (ex He's team captain and I'm on the bleachers). The video is taking off, seems people enjoy this version just as much as the original. Take a listen, see what you think! (Start around the 2:40 mark if you just wanna hear the song!)


  1. i found this a while ago, i thought it was so cute n_n

  2. I love it... its an interesting take on the song. Butch Walker really can do no wrong anyways.