Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Songs For Peace: A Remembrance Day Blog

Hey Everyone!
So in honor of it being Canadian Remembrance Day, I thought it would be somewhat commemorative to make a list of peace & protest songs. I definitely do not believe in going to war... I'm a peace lover, personally. So here we go,  to commemorate the Canadian holiday that is Remembrance Day, a list of some great songs that inspire peace and criticize the concept of war.

NOTE: This is not meant to be offensive to veterans or to undermine the importance of the day. I understand the events that lead to us even having a remembrance day, I only chose to do this because I feel that war is never the answer- peace is. These songs represent the harsher realities of war, the loss, the devastation, and the desire for CHANGE.  I think everyone can agree that we all want peace. Its not the people we protest against, its the act of war itself.

 Anyways, hopefully everyone took a moment today to reflect and remember. I'm a firm believer that unless we are able to acknowledge our past, then history will repeat. Who knows, maybe one day the madness will end, but sadly I dont see that happening any time soon. To those of you who know someone fighting a war overseas, the best wishes for you and yours. Be strong, and remember that we should all "give peace a chance".

Rock on!
- Girl At The Rock Show


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