Monday, November 2, 2009

FIght For Your Rights- Artists With A Cause

Hey Everyone!

With all the issues surrounding our world today, it seems like every artist or band is getting behind some cause or another. Building/Rebuilding homes, adopting kids from foreign countries, vegetarianism, climate change, I mean it cant be hard to find something you believe in. In fact, just as I started to write this, a commercial for the SPCA featuring Sarah McLachlan appeared on my television. But when do we draw the line between good deeds and preaching? And how many people do it because they believe in it, and not just for the publicity?

I'm all for supporting charities and volunteer work. Its a great thing to do, help others out when they're in need. Its inspiring and I definitely encourage everyone to do something in their own community. I wish I did more, actually. Its great to see someone as busy as a touring musician to take time out of their busy schedules to give back. In a lot of cases, I feel they genuinely know the weight of their influence and how important their involvement can be. But sometimes the message for me can be a little intrusive. I think its unfair when you're made to feel guilty for lack of participation. Most of us do what we can, and wish we could do more but its not always possible. Don't throw it in my face, am I right?

Not to mention, personally, I still cant shake the feeling that some of the work is solely for the hype. But I guess I cant be mad, because even if it is for publicity, the work is getting done and others are joining in. But I mean, I am a firm believer of supporting causes close to your own heart... not wearing t-shirts because you're getting paid under the table or because your manager signed you up. I don't know exactly who is guilty of this, but I have to think some artists are. The world of celebrity is rather corrupt anyways, cant put it past them.

So here are a few artists with causes that I happen to like. Agree/Disagree, have someone else you'd put on the list? As usual, let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

Rise Against: From anti-war politics to veganism and the environment, these guys are all over the board. But when you listen to them talk about these causes, its pretty clear that they genuinely support every one of them.

Thrice: These guys do a lot of work with a group called Invisible Children, an organization that aims to raise awareness for child soldiers in Uganda. Its quite eye opening and caught my attention a while ago.

Green Day: Alongside this video to raise awareness for issues in Darfur, and releasing it on a compilation called Instant Karma for charity, Green Day has been lending a hand in New Orleans. Touring guitarist Jason White, and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong (along with  his wife and two young boys) went to help build homes for Habitat For Humanity and posted a blog about his experience. 

U2: Of course, no list would be complete without Bono. It cant be denied that this man does a lot of work to support a variety of charities... however, I have to say I find him a little to intense. And, they have been known to make some mistakes with their research... but still, the message gets out there.

Jacks Mannequin: Andrew McMahon is amazing. For those of you unfamiliar with the band, Andrew was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago. He agreed to film a documentary of his experiences with the treatments and bone marrow transplant that likely saved his life. He has also started his own charity called the Dear Jack Foundation which raises awareness and money for research. He has done some incredible things, definitely check it out. 

...And of course there are a LOT more. This is a very small list, only intended to get my point across using examples that were quick to pop into my mind. But again, let me hear your thoughts about artists you know of who do their part.

I feel the need to go join a cause now, do something good for the community... anyone with me?
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

Song of the Day: Give It All by Rise Against... one of my favorite songs by these boys, and not to mention the video and lyrics are fantastic. 

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