Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SUM 41 Involved In Drunk Driving Accident

Hey Everyone!
Relax, no one in the band was behind the wheel. No, it seems like our Canadian boys in Sum 41 are having some rotten luck with their bus on this year's Vans Warped Tour. Apparently, their driver got behind the wheel after a few drinks and ran the bus off the road, endangering the lives of those on the road and those on board.

In a series of early morning twitter posts, the band gave fans a sort of play-by-play of the unfolding events. From the accident, to near fights, and replacement driver salvation, they let everybody know what was going on. They also made sure to note that the driver would never work for the band again, thank god. Drunk driving is seriously scary. You risk so many lives in taking hold of the wheel while drunk. Especially when you control a tour bus- thats a weapon in itself. A lot of metal, steel, and speed. Lethal combination when handled in a wreckless way.

What do you guys think of the situation? Must have really shaken to boys up!
Rock On!
-Girl At The Rock Show

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