Monday, June 28, 2010

Pete Wentz and The Black Cards

Hey Everyone!
Seems like everyone's favorite egotistical emo boy is back in the music game... not such a long break between FOB and his apparent new project: The Black Cards. Not much is known about this band, only what Pete has shared with us so far via online messages. The cryptic webpage, though it claims to be a non-viral campaign, is pretty much the definition of such- including only links to social networking sites and a catchy uncredited pop song. Pete claims that in the coming weeks, information will be linked and shared in a "controlled" manner for fans to make a judgement on. Personally, I am VERY worried that this could be a husband/wife collaboration. Remember folks: NEVER mix business with pleasure. Ok?

What do you think Pete is up to? Share your thoughts!
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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