Friday, June 4, 2010

Original Pink Spiders Lineup To Reunite?

Hey Everyone!
So rumors have been running wild that the original Pink Spiders lineup may be working together once more! I dont know how many of you are familiar with these guys, but if you arent PLEASE I urge you to give them a listen. Their music is seriously amazing. Kind of a retro fitted brand of pop punk... lots of catchy melodies. Hard not to fall in love with it. Anyways, the original lineup disbanded a couple years back around the time they released "Sweat It Out". The album was recorded with the original band, but the members soon departed due to royalty fee issues and left Matt Friction as the only founding member. Soon after, Matt announced a longterm hiatus so he could focus on his side project, Matt Friction and the Cheap Shots.

Matt announced however, that the original line would possibly be getting back together. Via myspace, he said that the three had been playing together and that talks of tours and albums could follow!

For a fan, this is definitely exciting news :) How about you guys? Excited?
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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