Friday, June 18, 2010

All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth Covers "Jumper" With Third Eye Blind

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to share a video with you all today. Its kind of cool... shows how rock can interact even with generation gaps pushing two bands apart. While on the Bamboozle Road Show, Third Eye Blind had All Time Low vocalist, Alex Gaskarth, come out and perform Jumper with them. Classic song- makes for a great karaoke track for those of you keeping score of such suggestions at home. Anyways, the band and Alex did a great job performing the track together. Really brought a sense of community to the act, which I love. None of that pretentious "I've been doing this longer than you" stuff that sometimes happens. Sad, but true. So check out the video below, see what you think! I love it. Alex's voice is a great fit. Have to say- ATL is really starting to grow on me. Take that however you want, I'm not ashamed of my love for pop-punk boys haha.

What do you think? Not too shabby, eh? *yes, I AM CANADIAN*
Rock on,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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