Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Drake/Hanson Show In NYC Shut Down For Safety

Hey Everyone!
Yup, its true! A free Drake & Hanson show planned for New York City was shutdown by cops today due to safety hazards. No one had a chance to grace the stage before the NYPD decided to cancel the performance and clear the area. So what caused the cancellation? Apparently- far too many people showed up! I have to ask... what were they expecting? Drake is a huge up and coming hip hop artist with an album that dropped yesterday to rave reviews and probably major sales... wouldnt you think that throwing a FREE concert in a major city would result in a disaster? I would. Its kind of common sense...

In any case, the lack of space kind of drove people crazy. They began to climb up buildings and structures for a better view. When security asked them to come down, they got vicious. Sadly, quite a few people were hurt in the event. Just goes to show you that concerts can still be violent. Tragic really. If everyone would just take it easy and relax a bit, then concerts could be a fun experience like they're supposed to be! Dont you miss those days? I do :(

What do you think? Were the cops in the right? Watching the footage, I'd say they were!
Rock on,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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