Saturday, June 19, 2010

Boxcar Racer Coming To Vinyl

Hey Everyone!
Yup- its true! Even though the band broke it off a while back, its been confirmed that Boxcar Racer's album will soon be making an appearance on vinyl. Perhaps a must have for any die hard Blink-182/Tom Delonge/Travis Barker fan. I have the cd and its pretty rocking. Have to say that tracks like "I Feel So" and "There Is" still make regular appearances on my playlists. Now, the vinyl is being sold through Hot Topic chains and is on a very limited count. Only 2000 pressings of a limited edition black and red swirl vinyl are available... so act quickly if you're interested! A great addition to any fan's collection.

Do you still rock out to Boxcar? Whats your favorite track?
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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  1. My favorite is "I Feel So", but all the songs on that album are so great.