Thursday, July 1, 2010

Silent Library: Possibly The Most Entertaining Show MTV Has Ever Made

Hey Everyone!
Now, usually, I do not enjoy MTV... nor do I recommend wasting your life on its mind numbing programming, but in this case I have to make an exception. Still equally painful for the mind, its entertaining aspect tends to overshadow its stupidity haha. The show, you may ask? Silent Library.

Basically a child's version of Jackass, the show takes a group of individuals, places them in a library setting, and assigns them a series of painful/humiliating tasks with dollar amounts attached for their successful completion. The catch? Like a typical library, all tasks must be completed in SILENCE. Yeah... its really easy to remain totally silent when someone is shooting you with a paintball gun to the chest lol. See my point? Funny!

Another fun part about this show? It is often slotted with celebrity guests. Cant even begin to tell you how priceless that is! Just the other day I watched the boys of All Time Low partake in the humility and I couldnt stop laughing.

Yes, its MTV... the "music television" with no music. Yes, its not something I'm really excited about because I personally cant stand the real world and all the spin offs it has produced. I mean, really... these people must be in their 30s by now! Why should I watch them run an obstacle course, sleep with everything in sight, and make utter fools of themselves? I'm 21. If I want to watch these shenanigans, I'll go to the bar and do it without a cable subscription haha. HOWEVER, this show is one of those "I dont want to think right now" programs, and I have always believed that everyone must have at least one of those tucked away for a stressful day! Big fan of it. If you're looking for something ridiculous to laugh at, I highly recommend checking this out!

What's your Mindless Entertainment? Tell me! Always open to new suggestions! :)
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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