Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Max Bemis Reopens 'Song Shop'

Hey Everyone!
Something cool to talk about today! Not sure how many of you are familiar with it, so here we go. Max Bemis (frontman of pop punk band Say Anything) has reopened his Song Shop. What is that, you ask? Allow me to give you some background....

Many of you may be aware that Max suffers from Bipolar Depression, something that is very well documented in many of his songs if you know what to listen for. In any case, Max believes that music can help the healing process, so as a means to reach out, he started this thing called the Song Shop. Basically, fans can go to the online store, write a brief essay about something they feel passionately about, something that affects them. In return, Max will write a song about it and send it your way. Pretty cool eh? A musician writing a song about your own personal demons? I love this idea!

So if this seems like something you might want to invest in, hurry over to the website now and make your request. The first 1500 will also get a short phone call from Max himself. May only be 5mins, but if you're a good interviewer, thats all you'll need to get some cool info or advice from an awesome musician!

What do you think of the Song Shop? Corporate or Compassionate? Share your thoughts!
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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