Thursday, July 22, 2010

Good Charlotte Sign To New Label

Hey Everyone!
Man, this one takes me right back to my High School years! Yes, I admit. As a teenager, this band was a big part of my life haha. I had all the albums, I had the tshirts, and meeting Joel Madden was the highlight of my first Warped Tour experience. Those days are well behind me now, but every now and then, I still bust out the old GC albums and reflect on the 'good old days'. Anyways, back to the story!

Pop punk playboys, Good Charlotte are back with a new album and a new label to help them out! The boys have officially signed to Capitol Records, and will be releasing a new album by the name of Cardiology in October of this year. I honestly didnt even know they were still making music, but sure why not. I may not be their biggest fan anymore, but theres a 13year old out there somewhere I'm sure, who is getting the same fulfillment from their music as I once did, so kudos to them!

What do you think of a new GC record?
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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