Saturday, May 1, 2010

Video: All Time Low Play "Weightless" Acoustic

Hey Everyone!
Today I just want to share a video with you. I came across this while link clicking on Youtube and its really well done. You know how some people sound great on an album mix, and maybe not quite so great when they play live and particularly acoustic? Yeah... you know what I mean. Sadly, for some people, acoustic sets can be dangerous because the soft guitar does very little to hide flaws. In fact, it pretty much serves to emphasize your voice! Thats why I was impressed with this acoustic performance by Alex and Zach of All Time Low. They play the hit single "Weightless" and in all honesty, it shows that Alex's voice is better than I ever gave him credit for. He clearly knows how to sing. His pitch and tone are both on par... its nice to see that the band has underlying talent outside catchy songs and the label desired look. Check out the video below, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by what you hear!

Disclaimer: I actually LIKE All Time Low. I'm not trying to say that they are only in it because they are the kind of band that sells albums right now, its almost the opposite. I'm complimenting them on their ability to play very well in an acoustic set because it tends to be difficult for even the best bands these days. Just wanted to clear that up because I know it sounds like I'm being a little critical of them haha.

So what did you think? Well played or no? Share your thoughts!
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- Girl At The Rock Show

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