Friday, May 21, 2010

Westboro Church To Protest Ronnie James Dio's Funeral

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Is any body else getting REALLY sick of these protests? Seriously, this needs to end. I am all for freedom of speech and expression, but these people are just ridiculous. Funerals and such are not the most ideal place for such expressions... thats just down right hateful and disrespectful. Anyways, on to the story!

As some of you may know, rock n roll icon Ronnie James Dio passed away on May 16th from his battle with stomach cancer. Although many messages relayed to fans via online updates suggested that treatments were going well, we've once again witnessed just how silent and deadly of a killer cancer can be. Tragic. Ronnie Dio is best remembered for his powerful metal voice and work with bands like Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, and Dio.

Well, it appears that Westboro Church now intends to make their opinion known. The hateful group plans to protest the singer's upcoming funeral... probably because he sang metal music and helped make "devil horns" popular. I dont care what he did, these people have no right to protest a FUNERAL. This is a place for people to gather in comfort and remember someone they lost. The last thing they need is someone spreading hate at the front door. All this man did was play amazing music and bring people together... He even developed a fundraiser called Hear N Aid to raise money for famine relief in Africa. Seems like a pretty good guy to me...

Again, all for basic rights of humanity but this is just sick and wrong in so many ways. What do you think?
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