Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Academy Is... Touring With KISS????

Hey Everyone!
Yes, you read that right. Chicago based pop rock sensations, The Academy Is... have been announced as headliners for the upcoming KISS tour. Yes, the same KISS with Gene Simmons, heavy duty costumes, and full stage makeup. This is an odd tour grouping... in fact, ODD barely begins to cover it haha. I mean, I dont even know what to think of it all. Who thought to put this together? I mean, on one side you have these "heavy metal" icons who are famous for their stage theatrics and attention to image details... and on the other side... pretty rock boys from Chicago who dont wear more than a single swipe of eyeliner? Alrighty then. I'm sure the guys are probably stoked about this... its known that some of the members are HUGE classic rock fans, and of course KISS are pretty iconic in that way. Its also a cool experience I'm sure. I just hope the fans who attend the shows give them a chance... I promise, you wont be disappointed. These guys are raw talent.

Dates for the Tour can be found HERE

So if you're going to check out KISS, give TAI a shot, k? No throwing bottles haha
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show

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