Monday, May 17, 2010

More Blink-182 On Vinyl

Hey Everyone
Mightier Than Swords records has announced the upcoming release of yet another piece of the essential Blink-182 catalogue to be available on vinyl! Oh yes, I cant wait for this one. Blink's self titled album (the one they released before the terrible, never to be spoken of again Hiatus) is going to be released in a limited pressing on the label's web store. The presale begins on May 24th at 12pm EST. There will be 5 color selections to choose from... all of them will consist of 500-2000 pressings (the later being a hot pink print available ONLY from Hot Topic). The store ships only to US and Canada addresses so if you live outside those countries... now is the time to get on the phone with that distant American relative of yours who would be more than happy to forward it to you upon arrival ahaha.

So excited! I bought Dude Ranch and Enema from this site and I LOVE THEM.
Cant wait to add this to my collection, how about you?
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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