Saturday, May 29, 2010

Teenage Crowd Maced During All Time Low Performance At Six Flags

Hey Everyone!
What is this world coming to? I mean, MACE at an All Time Low concert? This isnt The Beatles, and it certainly isnt Elvis. I dont get it. Maybe, MAYBE, mace should be used in extreme cases of what I call, Bieber-itis.... aka excessive fandom of the sixteen year old youtube sensation from my neck of the woods... but even then, its harsh.

Apparently the All Time Low performance tonight at Six Flags got a little out of hand, and police decided to take some action. The show was part of this years Bamboozle road show, featuring LMFAO, Boys Like Girls, Forever The Sickest Kids, and Good Charlotte among others.

Personally, until I see proof that this was out of control, I'm going to say this is probably just another example of security being out of touch. Fans these days get rowdy, they like to have fun. I know I've started some shit at shows I've been to over the years. Moshing and circle pits are all part of the package now, even with lighter, poppier bands like ATL. Its all about generating memories... about that split second where you get to the front of that crowd, when the guitarist points you out in awe of your achievement, the way that drumstick feels as it hits the palm of your hand. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. We were all 13 once, we all pulled stunts that in retospect may not have been well thought out, but the point is- They are memorable. Am I wrong?

What do you think? Did the cops take it too far? Were they right to handle it with Mace?
Let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show


  1. i agree 100%. it's totally wrong that they did that, and clearly all of the bands are pissed. after defending their fans, the bands were locked in their buses as well. the fans all ran onstage during all time low's last song, but i still don't think macing the crowd was necessary.

  2. Mace is never necessary on what could possibly be children. I mean, unless there's footage of teens beating eachother violently, I'm not believing it was needed.

  3. I was there. People were charging the stage but it wasn't anything security couldn't handle. My friend and I gave our water bottles to some kids who were 13 so they could rinse out their eyes. Absurd.

  4. I was at that concert- Security was COMPLETELY out of hand. I saw 4 full grown security officers tackle a girl who appeared about 13 and 5'3" to the ground! Not to mention broken bones from the fans who were pushed offstage by the guards- one of my friends actually broke her foot. I went onstage with All TIme Low when everyone stormed at the end, and after hugging Zack and standing by Alex when he made his speech, a guard THREW me off the stage. I know the crowd was rowdy, but it was completely nonviolent.

    Also, about the macing- it wasn't the kids who rushed the stage who got maced. Jack Barakat threw a hat into the crowd and about 2-4 girls all caught it and there was a scramble. There was no fight, and it didn't look like it would turn violent, however, a security officer (by the name of Phil Hinkman, as released by Martin Johnson) sprayed the girls and the surrounding people with mace. Completely inappropriate.

    Alex Gaskarth's little speech went like this (excuse the language):
    "Really? What kind of Six Flags fucking maces kids? On the behalf of Boys Like Girls and All Time Low, Six Flags security.. .FUCK YOU."

  5. Wow, thanks for all the input everyone!
    By the sounds of it, I'm assuming I was right in saying this was way excessive and unnecessary.

    Emily: bands were locked on their buses? Thats also a bit absurd. I didnt know that, thanks for letting me know. I think after the ordeal, the bands probably wish they could have been there to make it up to their fans NOT that they should be held responsible.

    Anonymous: Yes, I couldnt agree more. I may only be in my 20s but I mean, I cant imagine being a parent in that situation. There are going to be a lot of people looking for answers in the morning. My sisters are teenagers. Had I taken them to a show and seen something like this, I would have lost it. Concerts shouldnt be a place to fear mace and police force.

    Lexi: You were there, eh? (Pardon my Canadian-ness haha) Did you see the actual macing? Thats great that you helped some people. I hope others did the same. I cant imagine what that scene looked like. I've never seen a macing at a concert where kids are the victims. Crazy.

    Anonymous 2: I've seen security like that at shows, I know how crazy things can get. So ridiculous. I think the issue is that they treat any kind of "violence" as a necessary means to use force. I remember at one show when I was 15, some of the kids in the stands rushed the floor of an arena I was at. All of a sudden, there were night sticks and punches all over the place. HUGE guards forcing tiny kids to the ground by beating them. I'll never forget it. Sounds kind of like what you saw. A broken foot? Oh wow, I hope your friend gets better soon. Is there anything she can do in terms of holding the security responsible for the excessive force? I'm curious to see if any attempted law suits come out of this. I think rowdy is to be expected. You're at a show with a band you like... if you're not 40, you arent just going to stand there in a static manor and clap. You're going to express your happiness. Nothing wrong with that!
    So thats what started it all, eh? A hat? Man, I have been in pits with shirts, drumsticks, ties, you name it! And all though theres a struggle, it rarely escalates. Once someone manages to have the best hold, others give up and try their luck at whatever else comes flying. There was ZERO need to turn it into an incident of this level. Also, couldnt agree more with Alex on this one. Way to stick up for your fans. I have to say that this band grows on me more and more these days. They put up with a LOT of stuff at their shows... from Westboro protests to this, they have proven they arent going anywhere any time soon. And they clearly love their fans. Kudos boys!

    Again, thanks to all of you for responding and giving me some more details. Really appreciate it! Hopefully anyone who sustained injuries recovers quick, and hopefully the security guard/company is held responsible.

  6. This was my daughters' (ages 15 and 12) first concert experience with these bands. I really enjoyed all the bands, and would take my daughters to see them again. HOWEVER, as a parent I am utterly and thoroughly disgusted that the "security" at Six Flags would use riot tactics such as mace and etc on teenagers. This was completely uncalled for. Yes, the stage was rushed and yes it was a little crazy. But in NO WAY should any of these riot tactics been used. Shame on you Six Flags, shame on you.

  7. No, I don't think so. The officers were only doing their job and preventing possible safety concerns. If the situation had escalated, fans could have gotten hurt and parents would be blaming the band. The officers were only protecting everybody who's there.

  8. Support All Time Low and the fans by joining the group "Fuck Six Flags Security!" NO kid should be MACED in the face for doing nothing wrong! Fight for your right to party!

  9. security was way outtta hand! i was there and they were screaming at us the whole night! they were outta control and just flat our mean! they were putting the bands down also, one security man said to me, "why are they freaking out, its not like its lenin, these bands arnt even good." they maced a group of young girls, broke a girls leg and foot by throwing them off stage.... wouldnt you agree thats a little excessive...? yes we were rowdy, yes we were running on stage. but what do you expect? its a rock concert, sure we are going to have a good time and go a little crazy.
    if six flags cant handle this kind of show maybe they should not have them. and come on six flags! at least have the decency to tell the truth about it.
    some people are sticking up for the officers? really? so your telling me its ok to mace a group of young girls in the face for fighting over a shirt? let them fight it out, there the ones fighting over it let them hurt each other and learn a lesson.
    also 4 very very large men tackled a small girl for getting on stage..... seriously, thats just not necessary. there where already hundreds of people on the stage.
    i for one, respect alex for what he said to security. he stood up for his fans that love him so much! he stood up for what is right! way to stick it to the man alex!

  10. thats crap^^ not to be rude, but security was trying to keep us safe??? ok, sooo breaking bones and macing people is "kepping people from getting hurt." yeah that makes sense.

  11. I was fucking there too, I wasn't one of the people to get maced, but I was shocked when He said his speech and his speech was more like this: "Any fucking security that sprays mace in the face of a fucking kid is fucked up. On behalf of All Time Low and Boys like Girls, FUCK YOU!" But I was one of the ones to get pushed, and it hurt my boobs so bad, by a security guard who was three times my size. And honestly the way the bands were, they welcomed it. They said, this is a fucking rock concert. And some other shit so yeah. But I mean the macing was completly uncalled for.

  12. I went to bamboozal and my friend and i wanted to hug alex and be on stage like everyother concert they;ve had. but a fuckin cop maced me and tasha (my friend) and pushed us off stage. In return tasha sprained her ankle. The cops there are idiots and the pepper spray left us not able to drive home. and had to call parents to pick us up. ITS BULLSHIT!

  13. I was there and say how rude the security was acting i was
    up at the top and had to keep my little sister up at the top in fear that she may get hurt. I wasn't there for the macing cause we left but macing
    a bunch of teenagers is retarded. If a grown man can not
    control a teenager or anyone for that matter then he doesnt need to have a badge anyway. As for the broken bones are u serious that a full grown man is going to throw a kid off stage right in front of their parents can you say law suit. The concert didn't get that out of hand to use mace sometimes cops
    don't use their best judgement.

  14. Mallorie, are you going to sue six flags?? you soooooo should!

  15. Six Flags payed those guys to perform. Concerts do get rowdy, but All Time Low should have kept control of their fans and a macing would not have happened. Also, Six Flags is a family oriented park and the language used is grounds for banning them from the rest of the tour. Now, both sides are in the wrong but I have to say that I'd side with Six Flags in their decision. Now to all of you that are complaining about security, that little "riot" that occurred it was bound for someone to get hurt. Macing a teen is wrong but it's better to get maced than to walk away with a broken arm. What it all boils down to is that All Time Low could have taken a moment and told the fans to settle down. Teens take whatever celebrities and bands say to heart anyway. They would have listened.