Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trace Cyrus Shops Reality Show To Networks!

Hey Everyone!
Oh how I hope this is some kind of HORRIBLE practical joke that will leave me laughing and thanking all that is good when I find out that it was all a big haha to make us squirm! Apparently former Metro Station/present Ashland High star Trace Cyrus and his 'father', one-hit-wonder "achy breaky heart" singer Billy Ray Cyrus are shopping around television network meetings hoping to land themselves a reality show. Can you IMAGINE the horror? Seriously... an hour of them a week? Talking about their very limited careers, and how they cling to Miley for fame? What could be interesting about that? I'm sorry but if this is what TV has come to, I am SO glad I dont have access to cable right now haha. The Osbournes are legends... well, Ozzy is at least. The Simmons are funny... what are they Cyrus'? No. No. PLEASE NO.

What would you think of a Cyrus family reality show? Can anyone say House of Carters?
Would any of you watch this? Why/why not?
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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