Sunday, April 4, 2010

Trace Cyrus Reinvents As "Ashland High"

Hey Everyone!
...And he probably should have stuck it out with Mason and reinvented Metro Station instead. After the Metro Station breakup, bassist/vocalist/halfbrother-of-a-famous-teen-superstar Trace Cyrus swore that he would not stop making music. Apparently, he has kept this promise! He has reinvented himself in the form of his new solo project: Ashland High.... and its about as bad as it sounds haha. He has taken shitty pop-punk techno to a whole new low. Its almost impressive when you think about it. I'm sorry- but as soon as this began to play, I was tempted to buy earplugs and where them EVERYWHERE in fear that I might hear this somewhere and not be prepared for the savage attack on my ears :P I dont know how many of you actually like Trace, but I'm personally getting a little tired of the tattoo-covered scene boy who goes on tour with his more famous sister. You can check out his new music HERE and see what you think for yourself!

What do YOU think of Ashland High?
Rock On,
-Girl At The Rock Show


  1. 'French Kiss' was at least catchy in a Ke$ha-like way, despite being overproduced, Autotuned and with shitty lyrics.

    Well, Girl At The Rock Show, it's gotten worse...

    The two new songs, 'Pretty Girls' and 'Break It Down' are quite possibly the worst songs ever made (this coming from a huge fan of Metro Station). Surprisingly, his voice does not seem so Autotuned, but he whines in a voice so nasally that I thought I was going to vomit any moment soon. It is unbearable and has left me shellshocked!!! WTF??

    And let's not even go into the lyrics...or the beats...I'm so bitterly disappointed with Trace...after defending him for so long and believing that he had some talent to offer, in any genre that he chose, I hoped that he could produce something that wasn't akin to an aborted fetus lying in a dumpster. It now seems as if Mason was the one steering the ship that was Metro Station...

  2. Anonymous,
    Thanks for the post! I went and checked out those tracks and my goodness, you're right! I think the 20seconds of Break It Down that I got through actually succeeded in making my ears bleed. I could not agree more with you. Maybe I was wrong to diss his use of autotune... apparently he needs it to be just "bad"... without it he's DREADFUL.

    I know how you feel. I defended my like of Metro Station for a while but lately, theres nothing to really say. Just terrible. I dont know what happened, but something went horribly wrong. I think I need to give my ears some time to recover...

    Thanks again for the post, and thanks for reading!
    - Girl At The Rock Show

  3. well I still love Trace all of the same- he's a really nice guy to meet and he takes time to be with his fans. i like the song knockout by ashland high but other than that i don't know what got into Trace. Hopefully some sense will get into him and he'll actually make some GOOD music. I liked the song Knockout but other than that all of the songs suck. I still love Trace all the same though.