Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jesse Labelle's Perfect Accident

Hey Everyone!
So here I am once again, sitting in the University Community Center trying my best to type up ten pages of brilliance... but its so not happening haha. I've been listening to some emo in an attempt to stumble upon brilliance, but thats also not happening. Instead I think I'm starting to feel morbidly depressed haha. Anyways, as a break, I put on shuffle and came across this gem that I picked up off some random music video flow not too long ago. Its called "Perfect Accident" by Toronto native, Jesse Labelle. Its so stunning, seriously I'm hooked. I know I said that I'm not big on guitar serenades but if a guy sang this to me, I'd probably get a little choked up. After all, I'm not heartless haha.

A fixture in the Toronto music scene from a young age, he's finally getting his chance at a big break (outside his early escapades in boy band ID- Identically Different haha). Jesse released his first EP on Wax Records in September and has been touring feverishly to gain some exposure. The young Canadian song writer has already been called the next John Mayer, and will be touring this spring in support of Faber Drive. Check out the tour dates HERE. I cant say I'm a big Faber fan, but I'm actually debating checking this show out just for Labelle.

What do you think?
Rock On!
- Girl At The Rock Show

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