Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey Everyone!
For those of you who dont know what I'm talking about, allow me to explain... 924 Gilman Street is basically the California equivalent of CBGB's. Its a punk rock club which allowed the start for some of the most notable bands today like Green Day and AFI. It also was a place for bands like Operation Ivy and Rancid to get their start. This place has some AMAZING history.

924 Gilman Street is an all ages, non profit club that showcases bands who are not part of major labels or the mainstream scene. The club held its first show in 1986 and gained tremendous popularity with the youth of Berkeley, California. Its mainly run and operated by youth who pay a $2 fee to become members of a 'board' if you will. The rules are: no drugs, no violence, no booze. They also refuse to support any bands who encourage racism, sexist or misogynist music. This place is incredible and honestly, its sad that only one club like this really truly exists here. It has allowed the spirit of the early punk scene to live on through the ages. I love the idea and I really hope they pull through.

So now that you have the history under your belt, allow me to explain the issue at hand... This place has been in a little financial trouble for a while as you can imagine. And now, their rent is set to go up so more costs will need to be covered. The rent, according to the web pleas of Gilman Street, will be increasing almost double... (from 4300 to 7000/month). They are asking for donations, and donations of $25+ will include a t-shirt and tote bag. I plan to make a donation as soon as I can, hopefully you can too! Any size helps. I want to be able to see this place in all its glory before it falls like so many others...

Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show

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