Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mark Hoppus & All Time Low Enter Studio... Welcome Trousdale Press!

Hey Everyone!
For those of you who were unaware, Mark Hoppus (Blink-182/Plus44) has been actively working in the studio with the young guys in All Time Low. The boys grew up listening to Blink albums and cite them as a major influence, so of course when given the chance to work with the producer/musician, they were eager to accept. Hoppus helped them with their latest album, Nothing Personal and even made a cameo in their video for the album's single "Weightless". They also collaborated on a song, but it failed to make the cut on the final product. However, the boys promised that this song would one day see the light of day... seems like that day is coming sooner than we thought!

Get ready for Trousdale Press! Yet another name for Hoppus to add to his already very lengthy resume. Trousdale Press will release a debut album which is nearing completion now. It will feature Hoppus and friends of his, including ATL. He's keeping the project pretty secret for now, but its definitely something to keep on the radar. Whatever Hoppus touches in the studio turns to gold, so I'm sure this will be no different!

What do you think of the combination? Its cool to see young up and comers working with their major influences... must be cool for Mark to know he played a role indirectly haha
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- Girl At The Rock Show

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