Friday, September 25, 2009

Wiki's Rock N Roll Handbook

Good Morning!

            So I was browsing the internet looking for some upcoming local shows and CD releases to write about today. Instead I came across this fascinating little page on Wiki's "How To" site and I was inspired. Rock concerts are an interesting experience. For those of you who have never been, my words could do little to explain the vibrant world of live performance. Lets just say you have to be there to understand it. Surrounded by a sea of people, all screaming and chanting... it can certainly be intimidating for a newcomer to the genre. Maybe this article is helpful in that sense? To eliminate fear and worry to those who have never entered this world? But can I just ask the simple question here... since when does rock n roll have rules and guidelines to adhere by? Isn’t that the whole point of rock? To rebel against conformity, to be free to express yourself without fear of judgement? So therefore, a newcomer to the rock concert should be at ease no matter what. A rock legend, and personal 'icon' of mine, Kurt Cobain once said, 

"Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want." 

            I've always kept this quote in mind. I think it perfectly describes the true spirit of punk and rock as genres. I've always loved the feeling of unity I get at shows. How everyone is a perfect fit. No one cares about gender, fashion, background, religion, none of it matters. I've met some of the most interesting people at concerts because its a place where (I feel at least) people shouldn't be ashamed to be completely themselves.

            So back to the article. What has this rant got to do with anything, you ask? Here is my point. There are no guidelines to a concert. In fact, this whole thing made me laugh. "Act the part," it says, "Sing. Shout. Dance. Get involved! Don't stand there like a bump on a log! Sing the lyrics. If you don't know them all, no sweat, print the lyrics off and read them on the way to the concert. Sing the parts you know often." Just the first word... "act". Allow me to share some of my wisdom having been to more than enough of these things in my 20 years of life... don't act! BE YOURSELF. I know its cheesy and cliche, but trust me it works. You don't have to play the part... you don't have to dress a certain way or act like Sid Vicious to be a part of the environment. No, if you want to sing and dance, then do it. If you'd rather grab a chair and just watch, then go right ahead! If skinny jeans and band tees aren't your cup of tea, then wear whatever makes you happy (though I agree with the note about comfy shoes and clothing because its key to a good time). Oh, and please, PLEASE do not print off the lyrics and bring them with you. I know I said its all judgement free, but that's just asking for it. If you don't know the words, SO WHAT?! Forget about it, don't worry, and just enjoy yourself. Who knows, maybe you'll hear a song that really sticks with you long after the house lights come on. 

            This also kind of applies to any live music event of any genre. Don't feel compelled to become part of the crowd, individuality is much more interesting. So if you are someone who has just developed an interest in the rock n roll universe, then I extend to you a warm welcome. Just remember: there are no rules, make your own. Test the waters a couple times and decide how you want to act, dress, and generally go about attending live shows! Take these rules and throw them out the window, I know I plan to. 


Thats all for today!

Rock on,

- Girl At The Rock Show


Song of the Day: The Middle by Jimmy Eat World


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  1. Hey! Wait! I’ve got a new complaint! Forever in debt to your priceless advice. ~ Kurt Cobain Quotes