Sunday, September 27, 2009

She's A Rebel: Girls Who Rock Pt.2

Welcome Back Bloggers!
I've had quite the interesting little development in my life over the past couple weeks... I'd like to formally welcome my insomnia back from its high school hibernation! Yes, I have joined the world of the undead, or at least it feels like it haha. Anyways, I guess the bonus is I'll probably be able to keep up with my writing habits. So if you enjoy reading this, then at least you can always look forward to new updates :)

That being said, I'll get back on track with today's post. Yesterday, I posted a list of ten influential and upcoming female rockers that I really respect. They may not all be top 10 chart artists, or fit into the mould of the rock n roll stereotype, but they have all left a lasting impression on their audience at one point or another. So now, onwards with the list!

11) Alanis Morissette
A Canadian female with serious passion. As a girl, I have to admit that Alanis writes the world's best feminist anthems. Many of her chart topping hits are about bitter breakups where the girl gets her revenge. She looks and feels great while the guy sulks knowing he let a good thing go... yeah, too bad thats not reality eh ladies? In any case, Alanis' music proves to be the perfect soundtrack to a breakup and you have to love her for it. For that reason and many more, Alanis is on my list.

Choice Tracks: You Oughta Know, Ironic

12) Tina Turner
If anyone can scream Rock N Roll when she walks into a room, its definitely Tina. This woman is the original: sex, drugs and rock n roll survivor. Although her R&B vocals do not reflect the vast variety of rock genres I've been discussing, she's still a great example of a woman in the limelight. Tina has not had an easy path to stardom, her long battles with difficult relationships and substance abuse have proven to knock her down from time to time, but never out altogether. Although she may never obtain that once held status of rock n roll diva, she is surely on her way to a come back with new appearances and music in the works. Watch out world, Tina Turner is back and she has something to prove to us all: rock n roll never dies.

Choice Tracks: Proud Mary, Typical Male

13) Debbie Harry (Blondie)
A true musical goddess, thats for sure. Debbie Harry is the pretty platinum blonde with a not so typical demeanor. She's proven she can be loud, in your face, and still totally iconic. Our generation still sings along to the classics when they come on the speakers. Although this band lived its prime before most of you (and me for that matter) were born, they still maintain a relevance and that is in great part thanks to Debby herself. Not the typical rock star, she even once worked as a playboy model. Its a long road from a model to an icon and for that, I give her a lot of credit. 

Choice Tracks: One Way Or Another, Call Me

14) Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter)
Love it or hate it, "emo" seems to be here to stay. Personally, I find it easier to explore the genre for interesting sounds rather than throw it all out the window. This band is one of the gems I came across, and Juliet is certainly a noted factor. A musical staple in her home town cafes in her teenage years, Juliet had offers from record labels left right and center. It wasn't until she joined the band that she sought mainstream commercial success. Having started out back in 2003, the band never recorded an album until 2007. The process was slow, but relatively worth the wait. If anything, I'd buy the album just for her voice. She's known for her acoustic performances, nothing but a girl and her guitar... simplicity at its best. Having dueled it out with Paramore for an audience at Bamboozle Fest in New Jersey(and doing a fantastic job for such an unknown group), this band is rising fast. I'd keep an eye on them!

15) Scarling
I love this act, highly recommend it to anyone interested in the newer wave of gothic/industrial music with a lighter edge. The themes are definitely laced with death, darkness, depression and disorder... but the music itself is gorgeous. It revives a lot of the energy of Siouxise and the Banshees many years before. Having begun as an all female four piece, the band underwent many changes before starting anew. The true staying power of this act however, lies in the hands of their lead vocalist and original member, Jessicka Fodera. Her soft, sultry voice starts off sweet but don't let that fool you. She definitely knows how to bring on the aggression! ...not to mention she has a beautiful name, don't you think? Haha. The band does appear to be on somewhat of an indefinite hiatus (Jessicka and her guitarist were married on their last tour), but their music is still lurking around the internet so definitely give it a listen if you think it could be for you.

16) Sarah "Sin" Blackwood (The Creepshow)
One of my personal favorites, again haha. Hailing from Burlington, ON, this band is bringing back the classic sounds of the Misfits with a modern twist. Their signature brand of singalong rockabilly punk cant help but make you want to shake. Although Sarah is a newer member to the group, she was quickly and eagerly welcomed by the band's existing fan base. Sarah actually inherited her front woman status from the band's original vocalist, her sister Jen (after she became pregnant and unable to devote time to the group). Sarah's transition to the band was seamless, and her stage presence makes her a face to remember. A petite little blonde with the voice of a soul singer, she has truly become a recognizable talent in the underground scene. Creepshow actually played in London tonight alongside Streetlight Manifesto, but when they come back (as they often play at Call The Office) make sure you dont miss out!

17) The Eyeliners
When you think of Albuquerque, New Mexico, catchy pop-punk probably isnt the first thing to come to mind. But these girls are an exception, and put the town on the map for their fans. Rising up among the mid 90s era of pop and grunge, punk was due for a comeback. With bands like Green Day gaining momentum, there was room in the crowd for a female surge. They even joined Green Day's original California DIY label, Lookout. With four albums under their belts, these girls are no strangers to the world of rock n roll. So if you're into three chord, simple punk with a lot of feminine edge, give these girls a listen and you wont be disappointed!

Choice Tracks: Destroy, Rock N Roll Baby

18) Greta Salpeter (The Hush Sound)
Indie rocking pianist chicks are clearly in style these days. If you're starting a band, I might recommend thinking about it. Its a trend that I sincerely endorse as I've always loved the sound of a passionate piano player grace their fingers across the keys. Greta is a perfect example. She's soulful, poetic and truly inspiring. To watch an artist who loves what they create enhances the experience of live music. Having seen the Hush Sound on tour, it is clear that music has always been much more than just a pass time. Their brand of catchy, bluesy, folk styled pop rock commands attention in a market of its own. The group was signed to Decaydance by fluke, as a member of Panic at the Disco stumbled upon their recordings online, passing them up to heads of the label. Within a couple years, the band was headlining sold out club tours, and making a name for themselves. The group has been performing since 2004, and although they are on hiatus, I would expect more to come from the young indie sensations. 
PS. Sorry for the terrible audio selections, apparently Youtube is very anti-Hush Sound because they have taken down ALL of their videos, limited choice for me! But check out the songs if you can.

19) Hunter Valentine
Yet another Canadian act makes the cut! I have to say, although most of these artists have a home on my ipod, I have never noticed just how many of them are Canadian until this blog. Anyways, this all female band originates from the Toronto music scene. Instead of focusing solely on their career, these ladies have also lent their talents to a performing arts camp in Connecticut. The band has opened a slew of major club shows for many independent Canadian rock bands such as Gentleman Reg, Social Code, and the national star Sam Roberts. With only one album behind them in five years, I feel like these girls are due for a breakout. After all, its hard to define your sound after only a handful of songs!

20) Maja Ivarsson (The Sounds)
Lets add another amazing foreign act to this list to close. This one hails to us from the town of Helsingborg, Sweden. Multitalented, Maja is active in both the writing and composition aspects of her group's work. Never one to take a back seat, she is the epitome of the hard working female. She's also a woman to fear with an extensive history of fight training. Word of caution: Dont mess with her! The Sounds are quickly gaining popularity here in North America (due largely in part to Maja's vocal features on the title track of the cult classic "Snakes On A Plane"). This gig allowed her access to a new market within the FBR/Decaydance record label family. Heavily popular with teens and young adults here. Make way America, here comes Sweden!

- Civet
- PJ Harvey
- Melissa Auf Der Maur
-Sinead O'Connor
- Kate Voeguele
- Tegan and Sara
- Tsunami Bomb
- Veruca Salt
- Otep Shamaya (Otep)
- Mary-Kate Geraghy (Fight Like Apes)
- Lyn-Z and Kitty (Mindless Self Indulgence)
- Vicky T (Cobra Starship)
- Lucinda Williams
-Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)
....and I could probably go on for a while, but I think I'll stop myself there!

Thats all folks, that completes my list! For now at least haha. There will be more to come, but for now, I'm tired and in need of rest. Enjoy the many different kinds of rock n roll goddesses I have recommended. See what works for you, see what you like. Its all about personal taste, find it and express it. 

Rock on!
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. What about LIGHTS?!

  2. As I mentioned, it was a personal list haha. Lights is a great artist in her own rights, but I cant say I'm much of a fan. Now, that being said, she still deserves some credit for sure. In respect to her being one the only sources of female representation on things like Warped Tour, I definitely should mention that she does a great job at integrating women into rock n roll and still being successful. Thanks for the comment!