Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On The Shelves This Week

I love tuesdays (and always have) for one reason... new music! Yes people, to a music fan like myself, every tuesday is Christmas and the local shops are Santa's bag of toys. Its the reward I get every week for making it through the dreaded monday. So for today's blog, here are a few new albums that hit the shelves today that might interest you.

Paramore- Brand New Eyes
As much as I'm a fan of Paramore, I have to say I wasn't really counting down the days until this album's release. Feels like Riot was released just last week with the hype recently surrounding this act. However, if the first single is any indication of what the rest of the album holds, it will join my personal collection soon enough. The energetic pop punk quartet is back with a new set of catchy tunes to add to your ipod. If a simple but memorable score fronted by a feisty redhead with the voice to match is your style, give this one a listen.

Alice In Chains- Black Gives Way To Blue
For all you 90s rock fans out there, this is pretty exciting. Today marks the first album by Alice In Chains in over ten years, yay! They were one of the bands who hit it big in the early nineties rise of the Seattle Grunge scene along side Nirvana and Pearl Jam. They never officially called it quits, but they went on a hiatus for many years due to their original vocalist's struggles with substances (he passed away in 2002 from an overdose). With a new singer (William DuVall) the band is ready for their second chance and from what I've heard, they've got a great sound laced with elements of both classic and modern techniques.

AFI- Crash Love
I was, and still am, quite curious about this album. I loved them when I was younger, I mean, this band has changed time and time again over the years. I love that they are not afraid to transcend the boundaries of genres... punk, pop, classic, metal, even techno, they sample everything. Borrowing different styles to create all new hybrid sounds that arent always successful, but are definitely creative. This album seems to be reviewed as a bit of a backtrack from their last work, away from the experimental and a return to their roots. So if you like AFI, particularly old AFI, check this out.

Landon Pigg- The Boy Who Never
This artist is a newer one (for me anyways) that I've been watching. An cute young indie artist with a kind of folk allure makes him a perfect fit for an upcoming chart climber. You've probably heard the single from this album even though its not exactly all over the airwaves... its on your TV! From One Tree Hill, to Grey's Anatomy, to AT&T commercials, he's everywhere. Who doesnt love sweet little indie styled guitar ballads about love? For the reason that this boy is on his way up, I'm recommending his album.

Ill Scarlett- 1up
I thought I'd add a Canadian to the list, its my national duty... to ensure the survival of our cultural industries... this is what MIT classes do to you by the way haha. Anyways, this band has been around the club scene for a while now. Their style is a working combination of modern reggae and punk that draws the audience into a feel good frenzy. This album seems to be taking on a bit of a turn towards more classic rock, but the elements of their signature sound are easy to hear.

Thats it for today, merry tuesday shopping!
Rock On,
- Girl At The Rock Show


  1. hey, so just an FYI..
    I checked out the AFI when we got it in the store last week, and it is nothing like their old stuff, believe it or not, it is much much pop-ier than DecemberUnderground, and there is zero (and I mean ZERO) Havok old school screaming- apparently the doctor's told him he would lose his voice forever if he went back to that.
    SO, for any fans that got their hopes up, consider this a prewarning that you will most like be hearing a lot of this album on the radio cause it is super mainstream and radio-playable.
    Disappointed? I AM.

  2. Hmm interesting, I'll take note of that, and thanks! As mentioned, I've only briefly gone through clips of each of the albums I listed since I havent had a chance to hear much yet, but a lot of the hype I've been reading for months leading up was stating that it was a lot like the stuff between their original punk and their newer poppy stuff. Maybe its just a couple tracks with that sound then? For me personally, anything thats not as far off from their old stuff as Blaqk Audio (Havok and Puget's side project for those of you who dont know) is a step in the right direction. Not that its not good in its own way, its just too much for me personally haha. Thanks again for the comment and information, guess I'll have to give it a thorough listen!

  3. brand new eyes is surprisingly really good, i bought the deluxe version on itunes yesterday. it's pretty much all i've been listening to n_n

  4. Thanks for the input! I have yet to check it out beyond a couple tracks that surfaced before the release, but I'm interested for sure. I've always enjoyed their music :)